Giving Back

We started WellBox back in 2020 during the pandemic with a mission to not only help companies support their staff, but also find a way to support local charities in their vital work.  The biggest challenges we saw in our society were helping people who had found themselves homeless due to unforeseen circumstances, and the mental health crisis that had escalated with the changes to our lives.



It’s estimated that over 4,100 people sleep rough on any given night in the UK. 

Public sector organisations and local government have established schemes to help, but they often fall short as a result of being under-funded. Private charities have stepped up to help bridge the gap, offering counselling, accommodation and food shelters in multiple locations across the UK.

Rough Sleepers 

Mental Health Support

Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. But hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling.  Mind believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. They'll listen and give support & advice.

Local Minds provide help and support directly to those who need it most. There's a network of around 125 local Minds across England and Wales that offer specialised support and care based on the needs of the communities they support.

mental health support


Building a Win-Win

For each WellBox sold, we either donate one meal (or one meal worth of provisions) to someone in need or make a £1 donation to mental health charity, Mind, on your behalf.

Our goal is to create a business model where everyone can benefit:

Showing your support

We'll let your staff know which good cause their box has supported in the letter that goes out with each delivery.

 WellBox Letter

For a full list of the charities we are currently partnered with, click here