Giving Back

It’s estimated that over 4,100 people sleep rough on any given night in the UK. 

Public sector organisations and local government have established schemes to help, but they often fell short as a result of being under-funded. Private charities stepped up to help bridge the gap, offering counselling, accommodation and food shelters in multiple locations across the UK.

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic left many homeless and vulnerable people without their usual sources of help and funding. Anyone who has walked through a city centre in the months that followed, understood just difficult it was for people sleeping rough.

Rough Sleepers 

Many of the private charities they relied on, saw funds frozen or on hold, in addition to donations from businesses either being reduced or stopped completely as many companies struggled for their own survival.

In addition, social distancing meant normal food shelter setups were no longer suitable to provide hot meals without being adapted to a new way of operating.

Building a Win-Win

We started WellBox in 2020 during the pandemic. For each WellBox sold, we donate one meal, or one meal worth of provisions to someone in need.  

Our goal was to create a business model where everyone could benefit:

Showing your support

We'll let your staff know which good cause their box has supported in the letter that goes out with each delivery.

 WellBox Letter

At the end of the month, we’ll also issue a Certificate of Giving on behalf of the charity to provide recognition for the donation you’ve made.