Let recipients choose from a selection of gifts with your own branded gift redemption page

Keep all of your recipients happy without the admin headache

Let us build the portal for you using your website as inspiration, free of charge.

Alternatively, configure and build new portals yourself directly from your dashboard, giving you granular control over every part of the recipient’s gifting journey.

Whatever the gift, we've got you covered

Choose our WellBox gifts, our products with your branding, your gifts with your branding or something in between.

You choose the gifts and we’ll manage the inventory, storage, assembly and dispatch. Simply set a budget, and we'll send your recipients their choice of gift to wherever they happen to be.

No data entry for you, ever.

Gift Portals let recipients supply and confirm their own address and contact details whenever they make a claim.

No more errors, outdated addresses from your payroll system or hours of compiling spreadsheets before you start a campaign.

Most importantly, this means your company never has to directly provide sensitive data, removing the need to jump through hurdles with your well-meaning, but somewhat aggressive compliance team 🙄

Vegan? Alcohol Free? Small? Large?

Handling dietary preferences and sizes can be complex when you’re supplying information on behalf of someone else and potentially fatal if you make an error.

Let your recipients confirm their own dietary preferences for food and drink items or size information for branded clothing.

You can also restrict claims for products with alcohol based on your company’s policies or any recipients that may be minors.

Data Security

You can sleep easy knowing you’ll never have to share sensitive employee data with us.

Recipients sleep easy knowing their data has been transmitted and stored securely and in line with GDPR best practice, never being kept longer than its needed.

All recipient data is stored on a separate dedicated server. Our server data centre is Manchester UK based, ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant and secured to UK government IL4 standards.

Claim Security

Our smart filters flag or reject duplicate and fraudulent claims saving money and ensuring you never go over budget.

Set up further security to manually approve claims, approved based on pre-supplied emails or require a password to access your portal.

Control Spending

Create a simple 1 claim per person policy, or setup more in-depth rules for a custom solution.

Assign individual allowances or create groups with different privileges to make spend control easier.

Gifts with Purpose

Charitable Donation

A huge part of our mission is to create positive impact and
change in the communities our customers and their recipients live and work.

We believe in creating a system where everyone wins - the company, our customer and the local community.

For every gift you send, we donate a meal to someone sleeping rough in various areas across the UK through one of our charity partners. Alternatively, we can also make a donation to mental health charity, MIND. We’ll share details of the charity your gift has supported with the recipient.

Join over 1,000 companies across the UK and EU who trust us to deliver their happiness ❤️

Gifting Clients

Request a Call Back

No one ever had the job title chief gifting buyer, so it's likely you've been "donated" this task. Use our gift nerds to brainstorm ideas for your next gifting campaign.

"You made it easy to design and send our branded boxes at a cost that was a fraction of what it would be to do it ourselves.

The boxes helped further our branding in sectors that were important for our growth, but most importantly increased the commitment from the merchants and instantly built trust between our team and theirs."

Adam Newey
Head of Business Development

However you want to gift, WellBox is everything you need to get started.

Staff Gifting

Place an order today for 1 -> 100,000 gifts with free personalisation and a charitable donation. No account required.

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No Address? No Problem

Eliminate data entry, outdated addresses and compliance worries with a free Self-Registration Page.

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Gift Portals

Allow your recipients to choose from a selection of gifts with a fully branded Gift Portal.

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Bespoke and Custom Gifts

Choose our WellBox gifts, our products with your branding, your gifts with your branding or something in between. 

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Employee Welcome Packs

We can warehouse and dispatch your existing branded merchandise. Send it anywhere in the world with a few clicks.

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Gift Builder

Need some inspiration? Use our Gift Builder to create and price your next branded corporate gift.

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Here for those moments when you just need to speak to a real person 👋

Experts on Hand

We’re part technology and part service company. We put people at the heart of what we do. You can call us during business hours and speak to a real-life Mancunian. 

UK Warehouses

Ship with the confidence of knowing that your gifts will have travelled less than you did this year. We operate two UK warehouses, and manage our own production and fulfilment.

15+ Years of Experience

Experience may not be everything, but startups often move fast and make mistakes. Our parent company and core team have over 15 years’ experience in working with enterprise companies.