Event Gifting

Create A Lasting Impression With Event Gifting

Creating a lasting impression is vital when planning a successful event or conference. One way to achieve this is through corporate gifting. Carefully selected gifts add value to your event and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Gifting Is A Powerful Tool For All Types Of Event

Gifting can be a game-changer for internal and external events big and small.

Whether organising a team-building workshop or a large industry conference, thoughtful business gift can take your event to the next level and leave a lasting impression with your attendees.

Gifting Throughout The Event Life Cycle

Gifting can take your event or conference to another level by creating connections and nurturing leads through the entire event life cycle.

Providing personalised gifts to potential clients or delegates helps establish strong connections and fosters loyalty that lasts beyond the event itself.

Rather than leaving gifting to the point an event is over, our clients use gifting at various points leading up to, and post-event to deliver a solid ROI.

Conference branded merchandisePre Event Gifting

Pre-Event Gifting

Sending a personalised gift to attendees before an event can drastically reduce dropouts while generating a buzz and a sense of anticipation.

Recipients sharing social posts of their gift attracts even more attention to your event.

During The Event

Create branded gift packs containing swag and event merchandise that attendees want to keep. We focus on sustainable, quality products over throwaway plastic items, so less landfill and more chances for your brand to shine.

Combine your bespoke event gifts with our self-registration option to create a dedicated page for your event attendees to receive their swag without having to carry it around all day. Hand them a card with a QR Code, and we'll ship their event gift to them by courier.

After The Event

Continue to nurture your new relationship by following up with a thoughtful gift. Help reinforce their positive experience from your event and keep your brand at the top of their minds.

Our clients send personalised thank-you gifts and branded keepsakes along with an invitation and discount for their next event.

Build Awareness Without Compromising On Your Values

Promoting your event with branded gifts and merchandise like tote bags, pens, or water bottles can boost brand recognition and awareness among your attendees. Back in the days of cheap plastic products, this sadly also meant more non-recyclable waste eventually ending up in landfills.

We offer a limited range of branded products that are all high quality and made from durable sustainable materials such as bamboo or aluminium.

Need a choice of 300 different pens? We're not the company for you, but if you're happy with a curated selection of good, better, best then we've got you covered. Check out our range of ready-to-go branded gifts, or create your own gift using the gift builder.

Charitable Gifting

While Also Doing Good

With each gift you sent, a donation is made on your behalf through our charity partners.

For bespoke gifts, you can choose provide one meal for every gift to someone in need through our network of local food banks and homelessness charities or contribute £1 to Mind, the mental health charity.

We include a letter or postcard in each gift to inform your recipients about the cause their gift has supported.

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Bringing The Gifting Experience Up-To-Date

Here are a few ways our customers use WellBox deliver happiness and make their business gifting memorable, unique and stress free.

WellBox Corporate Gifts help businesses celebrate employee milestones

Celebrating Milestones

Finding unique gifts for birthdays,
babies, and retirements becomes difficult as a business grows.

Send personalised gifts ad-hoc or automatically at planned dates, all from one initial upload. Choose the gift in advance, or let the recipient choose their own from a selection.

Each WellBox gift includes free UK delivery direct to their door.

Addresses Guaranteed

With staff working remotely or hybrid, keeping track of their current, up-to-date address can be a challenge.

Our Gift Registration pages eliminate the guesswork and ensure no more incorrect addresses.

WellBox Gift Portals allow recipients to securely select their own gift.

Branded Gift Portals

Buying gifts for a lot of people that you don't really know is tough.

Our Gift portals let recipients select their preferred gift and provide their own address and dietary preferences, reducing the hassle of bulk gifting.

Business Gifting to help sales teams close more teams.

Closing More Deals

Account execs and sales pros use WellBox to make a lasting impression by standing out in all the digital noise.

Whether you send a £10 Costa card, a branded wellness hamper, or a £100 bottle of Veuve, we help you leave a memorable impression with your prospects.

Employee Welcome gift packs help business onboard new hires with impact.

Welcoming New Starters

HR professionals trust WellBox to send branded gifts to new starters before they join the team.

Provide a consistent experience for new hires regardless of whether they’re remote, in-person or hybrid and wow your new starter with sustainable branded merch.

Every WellBox corporate gift includes a charitable donation

Hitting CSR Goals

Both clients and staff are increasingly seeking businesses that share their values and support charitable causes.

Companies partner with WellBox to meet their CSR goals. Our gifts help you make a real, tangible social impact. and give back to those in need.

Companies use WellBox client gifts to improve brand loyalty

Building Brand Loyalty

Improve brand loyalty by
acknowledging and rewarding customers at every stage of their journey.

Customer success teams send gifts to clients who reach important milestones. Personalised, branded gifts celebrate their success and strengthens their connection to your brand, fostering long-term loyalty.

WellBox can warehouse your branded merch and swag packs.

Warehousing Branded Inventory

Storing all of your branded merchandise in the office can be a liability when you need to send something quickly. We can warehouse and dispatch your inventory on its own or include it in our gifts to save time, cost and space.

Use our online portal to manage your order, check inventory levels and personalise gift messages prior to dispatching gifts.

Secure Data

Staying Compliant

Handing over sensitive customer or staff data is a scary proposition. Sleep easy knowing you’ll never have to share sensitive employee data with us.

We operate our own technology on our own dedicated server based in Manchester, UK which is ISO27001 certified, PCI-compliant and secured to UK government IL4 standards.