About WellBox

Working from home is tough

Once you get past the novelty of wearing leggings on Zoom calls and watching Tiger King on your lunch break, working from home has a serious effect on our mental wellbeing.

One in three of us will struggle with loneliness, depression, and anxiety while working from home. Even with the world on lockdown, many staff are likely to feel isolated and forgotten about, missing out on the usual perks and team activities from a pre-COVID era.

We help companies and HR teams send a little delight to their staff working from home with curated healthy snack boxes, delivered straight to their door.


Our clients use WellBox as 

WellBox <> South Catering

South Catering is a UK based, corporate hospitality provider supplying food to over 6,000 offices and workplaces since 2006. As one of the largest privately-held corporate catering firms in the North West, we were seriously impacted by COVID-19, as shutdowns resulted in a sharp decline in meetings, events and training - our core market. 

WellBox was designed as a response to a customer request and has since become a core part of our product offering. Our mission is to 
help companies feed the people they care about, at home or at work.

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