The Mini Snack Box

Starting from £9.95 (minimum 24 boxes)

These healthy snack selections are the ideal gift for a team, or an individual and can replace the office snack perks your staff were previously used to devouring. Celebrate a milestone, a virtual event or just a job well done 🎉.

Our Mini box is curated to use small independent producers where ever we can, and they change on a weekly basis so no two boxes will ever be the same. Please contact us if you would like a monthly or weekly snack subscription for your team.  

This selection contains 

- 6 items including a selection of bars, snacks, olives and trail mix.

- Free UK Delivery to your office, or your team member's home address.

- Personalised Printed Message from you or your company to the recipient (one message per order).

+ 1 meal donated to a local person in need through our charity partners 

Dietary Option

This item has a minimum order of 24 boxes. Orders of more than 1,000 units qualify for a discount. Please call us on 0161 850 1100.

Gift with Free UK Delivery

Free UK Delivery

Free, contactless courier delivery included in the price of every box.

GDRP Compliant Provider

Compliant Address Collection

Optionally send a link to your recipients for a GDPR-compliant solution.

Meal Donation

Giving Back

Each box includes one meal donation to a local homeless shelter.

Corporate Gift Personalisation

Free Personalisation

A printed letter in each box with an optional personalised message and logo.


Every WellBox contains a letter explaining which charity your purchase has supported. After you've paid for your order, you'll be given a secure link where you can personalise the letter with a message from you, or your company at no extra cost.

Here’s an example:

Personalised Employee Gift

What's in each box?

Sweet or savoury, gluten-free or vegan, there are snacks to suit every taste and diet, no matter what your preferences may be! Our boxes contain a constantly rotating selection of items from a list that includes:

Fruit and Nut Bars

Fruit and Nut Bars

Oat Bars and Flapjacks

Oat Bars and Flapjacks

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit



Protein and Energy

Protein and Energy

The contents of our boxes rotate weekly, so each delivery offers a new surprise and a small pick me up to make the recipient smile. We source our products from a wide range of suppliers (preferring small local suppliers where possible), and avoid products that are high in sugar and fats, contain GMO ingredients or are not ethically sourced.

Delivery Information

We use Royal Mail and Whistl for UK deliveries of this product. Your recipients should receive their order within 6 - 8 working days from the working day after we receive your paid order and delivery address information.

Need it sooner? Give us a call on 0161 850 1100.

If you are using the self-registration link, we'll dispatch orders daily as the information is completed by your recipients. The price quoted includes one delivery per box to any UK address.

Sending Address Data

After you complete and pay for your order, you'll be given a special link to provide us with all the details we need such as your personalised message and recipient information. Once you sign in, you'll have 3 options for supplying address data.

Option 1 – By Email

We'll provide you with a special email address to send your data to and some basic instructions. Once received, we’ll manually check it first and let you know if there are any issues.

Option 2 – Secure Upload

You can upload your data directly to our secure server. We operate a PCI compliant, Manchester-based data server (maintained by UK Fast) and your data will be deleted once the order has been processed.

Option 3 – Self Registration Link

If you are unable to share data, we can issue a secure link for your staff to submit their own delivery information. Click here for an example. All data is deleted within 72 working hours of dispatch.

Data Security and Privacy

Even prior to GDPR, our policy has always been to never retain information longer than is needed. In the case of Wellbox delivery data, data is only ever stored long enough to generate shipping manifests and labels for the boxes. Once the boxes have been dispatched, data is deleted in 72 working hours.

To ensure the security of the data you send us, we:

- Use 256 Bit SSL encryption to secure all communication between your device and our servers.

- Use a dedicated server based here in Manchester, UK to ensure your identifiable data never leaves the country and complies with our data policy.